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Surrogate motherhood is a legal procedure in Ukraine for married couples but it is illegal for singles and same-sex couples. This is officially controlled by Clause 123-Family Code of Ukraine and Order 24-Health Ministry of Ukraine (Reg. 04.02.97).

Ukrainian legislators have chosen a more consistent approach to surrogacy arrangements in comparison with the total majority of other European groups. Ukrainian law permits the Intended Parents names to be entered on the birth certificate from the initial establishment of the arrangement. The child is considered to be legally “belonging” to the Intended Parents from the precise moment of conception. The Surrogate cannot keep the child after the birth. Even if a donor was used and there is no biological relation between the child and intended parents, their names remain on the birth certificate. This also is controlled by Clause 3 Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

Although gay surrogacy in Ukraine is officially restricted the country now is on its way to the European Union and it is believed that soon the legislation will be on the side of same-sex couples. Latest accepted laws are favorable and it is believed that soon country will become gay-friendly what will make easier the way of becoming parents for all gay couples and individuals.

Disclaimer: We aim to provide you with all necessary information on surrogacy in different countries but legislation in each country is not an easy thing and changes rapidly. The information on this page is not obligatory updated according to the latest changes in the legislation. So, please, check the latest updating with our manager.