Fatherhood is a reality with us!

Steps to take

Perhaps you think about the role of father for the first time or maybe you have already made your family full and are looking for a way to add one more newborn member to your family. There is no difference for us…The most important is your wish and desire. We are glad that you’ve decided to become fathers through surrogate motherhood. Our goal is to provide you with all necessary information to get started on your gay surrogacy journey. We don’t want you make mistakes because this road is long and complicated to go along it by yourself. The process of gay surrogacy can be challenging at times but it also gives the feeling of unlimited possibilities. We will be at hand all the time for you not to make mistakes. Now we will write what to do step by step.

Contact us

If you are here on our website and have a strong desire to start your journey of gay surrogacy, you are welcome to fill in our Contact Form and give us the basic information on your case.

Choosing the clinic

On this stage you will be offered several variants where you can have your surrogacy program for same-sex couples. We will study carefully your case and according to your wishes and desires we will choose variants that can suit you best.

Contracts and Documents

To protect you on your journey to parenthood via surrogacy motherhood for gay couples everything should be legally and written on documents. So on this stage your documents will be checked and contract signed. After this you can move forward to the medical stage.

Medical stage

A number of clinics that have the highest success rates give gay male intended parents a remarkable opportunity to become happy parents. Qualified specialists with huge work experience will conduct the medical process on the highest level. They are highly skilled in every aspect of reproductive medicine.


Once all legal aspects are done and medical process started, you will be informed when to come to the clinic, for taking sperm sample for performing the IVF cycle.

Birth of Baby

After the positive result of the pregnancy test you can begin your final stage of the journey. Your surrogacy specialist will help you in travel arrangements for the birth of your baby and finishing of the process for the birth certificate and other required legal documents.