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In January 2016 new regulations regarding surrogacy in the Mexico state of Tobasco (passed by the Parliament in December) were written into law and became effective immediately. As a result, this final state to permit gay surrogacy is no longer an option for surrogacy program. According to the new law all surrogacy arrangements in Mexico will have to comply with specific requirements, including the approval from the “Secretar√≠a de salud del estado” (Health Regulations Department of the State).

Changes in the law:

ONLY heterosexual couples who are Mexican citizens will be allowed to participate in surrogacy arrangements in Mexico.

Foreigners (including LGBT singles and couples) are RESTRICTED from surrogacy in Mexico.

So since January 2016 Mexico is no longer the option for all gay couples who are willing to become parents.

Disclaimer: We aim to provide you with all necessary information on surrogacy in different countries but legislation in each country is not an easy thing and changes rapidly. The information on this page is not obligatory updated according to the latest changes in the legislation. So, please, check the latest updating with our manager.