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Egg Donation

Egg donation for gays is obligatory in gestational surrogacy process. Becoming an egg donor for gays is a unique opportunity to help men to fulfill their families. It is a gift for those gay men who are dreaming of becoming happy parents. Some clinics can offer you to choose an egg donor for your future child. All egg donors are women with good health, without bad habits and who already have at least one healthy child of their own. All egg donors undergo careful medical examination before starting the program of egg donation. Specialists in some clinics choose egg donor by themselves according to your phenotype. So you can be sure that your future child will look like you or your partner.

Now we will look through the stages of egg donation process for gay couples.

Cycle Synchronization

The first step that should be done is the synchronization of the menstrual cycles of egg donor and surrogate mother for gay couple. This should be done to be sure that fertilized embryo created from the donor’s eggs can be transferred promptly. On this stage the egg donor is given special fertility medications to stimulate the maturation of several eggs at a time, while the surrogate’s natural cycle is suppressed and replacement hormones are used to prepare her uterine lining to receive the embryo.

Egg Retrieval

The procedure of egg retrieval is done when eggs are matured. Egg retrieval is done with the help of ultrasound-guided transvaginal aspiration. A needle is passed through the vaginal wall into the ovary and with the help of moderate suction mature eggs are accumulated from the follicles. The procedure is not so long and takes approximately from ten to fifteen minutes. The intravenous sedation is used to reduce the discomfort.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment during which eggs are fertilized with sperm of one of the partner in same-sex couple in a laboratory setting. On this stage donor eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the male intended parent.

Embryo placement

When fertilized eggs have reached their embryonic development the selected embryos will be transferred into the surrogate mother. The number of embryos depends on the legislation of the country and the state of health of the surrogate mother.

Pregnancy success

A pregnancy test should be done after two weeks of embryo placement. If the result is positive then you will be awaiting for your baby girl or baby boy. Your surrogate mother then will have weekly medical appointments where she will be checked if everything is alright with her and your future baby.

Birth of baby

On this stage the probable date of birth is scheduled and gay intended parents are required to travel to the clinic for the birth of the baby.

Taking baby home

When the baby is born and permitted to leave the hospital all documents should be carefully prepared. Intended parents will get the birth certificate and other needed documents to travel back home.