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Surrogate Mother

A fake surrogate has been jailed

1453125905_1369A fake surrogate who conned a childless couple into believing she was carrying their baby has been jailed for two years.

Cruel Samantha Brown, 25, contacted Benita and Mark Cutter after they placed an online advert seeking a surrogate mother. Continue reading

The Stages of Labor

d2563f5202e3a6c704801198253abf19If you are a gay couple or just a single gay that wished to use the program of gay surrogacy you need to know a little about lobor and its stages. We will give you the short and the most important information that can be useful or interesting for you. You need to know how your baby is born.

The first phase of labor is divided into three levels: latent, active, and transition. Continue reading

Surrogate Mother for Gay Couple

article-2400371-1B6A2918000005DC-602_634x440Nawadays we can surely say that attitude towards gay male couples and individuals has changed grately. More and more surrogate mother want to help gays  to complete their families.

It has been claimed that gay intended parents are more willing to meet a surrogate’s often intense demands for an emotional bond, while the relationships can surge obstacles within the surrogate’s own family. Continue reading

A Guide to choosing a Surrogate for Gay Couples

Gordon_Lake_and_husband_insert_courtesy_Gordon_LakeIf you decided to try gay surrogacy it is obligatory to find a surrogate mother. The choice you make is significant because it will influence your and your partner’s life.

It is not necessary whether you are going to use known for you surrogate mother or search for one there are a few questions to ask yourself.

The first thing is to review the Continue reading

Surrogate’s Risks

Surrogacy (1)All women considering surrogacy should be aware that there are serious risks with IVF, fertility medications, pregnancy and childbirth. The list compiled below is an extensive list of all types of side effects, complications and serious risks that surrogate mothers face. Surrogacy contracts often have sections discussing the risks that the surrogate mother is willing to take. All women should read this list of risks and feel confident about Continue reading

Pregnancy: First Trimester

stages-of-pregnancyThe FIRST month:

Your baby is only the embryo that forms in the first six weeks. The brain, lungs, and heart are under development and a tiny heartbeat will sound by day 25. A sac of fluid surrounds the embryo to shelter it from the physical bumps and pressures inside the sac. The baby will mature and develop inside of Continue reading

Pregnancy: Second Trimester

The FOURTH month:

The baby is now developing very quickly. The umbilical cord thickens resultant in carrying enough blood and nourishment. Morning sickness and fatigue that were present during the first trimester will gently on the second trimester. The baby begins to move. The baby’s movement will induce slight kicks and bumps. Continue reading

Pregnancy: Third Trimester

Pregnant-Woman-660x400The SEVENTH month:

The baby has begun exercising by kicking, stretching, and changing positions very frequently. Surrogate may be able to locate the movement visually. Weight gain small extent of swelling in feet for surrogate is typical at this stage. Continue reading

Due Date Calculator

Of course all intended parents would like to know when their miracle will be born. For this purposes there is a term “due date”. The pregnancy due date is an estimate of when the woman will deliver the baby. It can be easily calculated. There is a formula below which can help to calculate the exact date of child’s birth (of course if pregnancy goes smoothly). Continue reading