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General Information

Guide To Surrogacy Process

389574601001860408256yes1130Step 1: Choose your surrogacy arrangement
If you have chosen gay surrogacy as the right option for you you need to choose between its types. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and using a gestational carrier. Here is how the two situations differ:

In a traditional surrogacy arrangement a woman that becomes surrogate Continue reading

The Stages of Labor

d2563f5202e3a6c704801198253abf19If you are a gay couple or just a single gay that wished to use the program of gay surrogacy you need to know a little about lobor and its stages. We will give you the short and the most important information that can be useful or interesting for you. You need to know how your baby is born.

The first phase of labor is divided into three levels: latent, active, and transition. Continue reading

Challenges of Surrogacy

w320-335d16a753e32968c31a7e85c59b3247Surrogacy is not only the best way for having genetically related babies for gay men but also one of the most challenging ways. It is not only because of the costs involved, but because the practice is relatively new and constantly changing. Let’s start with the challenges that gay couples face when considering surrogacy:

Prejudice. Straight couples that Continue reading

Gay Male Surrogacy VS Adoption

slide_7All of us are dreaming of becoming parents. You know that in gay male couples there are two options for this – surrogacy or adoption. Gay surrogacy is the perfect variant for individuals that want to have biological children.

Why can gay surrogacy be better than adoption?

Surrogacy gives the opportunity to have  genetic connection to the child. Continue reading

Where to start?

f63d97134db6404e9fe487eb50f3c49dSurrogacy has become an increasingly vital option for gay men or gay couples who want to have biological connection to their child.

When you decide to go through gestational surrogacy, one or more embryos are created through an IVF cycle (with the help of donor eggs) and the individual or couple’s sperm.

For gay male couples, Continue reading

Surrogate Motherhood

In surrogate motherhood for gay couples, the ovum is donated by one woman (egg donor) and carried by another woman (the surrogate mother). The use of surrogate’s eggs is also possible with gay surrogacy.  As the clinical use of surrogate motherhood is a relatively new phenomenon, there is not yet halachic consensus on this procedure. The purpose of this article is only to review the issues involved. Continue reading

Types of Surrogacy

surrogate_motherConsidering gay surrogacy as the right option for you it is obligatory to know the types of it. There are two kinds of surrogate motherhood – traditional and gestational. When you have decided to try surrogacy there is a need to know the difference between these two types. Let’s look at them.

Traditional surrogacy is the original type of surrogacy and one which simpler in nature. Continue reading

What is Surrogacy?

surrogacy-china-nationalturk-8-440x360The word surrogate, from Latin surrogates (substituted), means appointed to act in the place of. A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry someone else’s baby who wants to have children but is incapable. She becomes pregnant using some form of assisted reproductive technology, frequently IVF. The surrogate mother carries the baby to term and gives birth, and the baby is released from the hospital to its intended parents. Continue reading

History of Surrogacy

surrogacySurrogacy has been around for centuries. The existence of the concept of one woman bearing a child for another dates back to the Old Testament, when Hagar, the maidservant of Sarah, lies with Abraham to bear a child for her infertile mistress. However, the first formal surrogacy agreement was not arranged until 1976, in the United States. After this, surrogacy was marketed as a solution for women with fertility issues. Continue reading