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Egg Donor

Guide to choosing an Egg Donor for Gay Male Couple or Individual

6622110983aa6e131fe76962e331d93eNowadays the fast development of reproductive medicine gives the opportunity to all people to become parents regardless their sexual orientation. With the help of egg donation and surrogacy all gay male couples and individuals have the opportunity to have genetically  related babies.

If you want to use the program of surrogacy using egg donor you need to know a few things about egg donors. Continue reading

Egg Donor Pros & Cons

Egg-donation-forums-520x221With the growing number of women facing fertility problems, reproductive medicine has grown increasingly common. One of the more frequent causes of infertility is due to a woman’s inability to produce eggs. This problem is usually caused by early menopause or damage to the ovaries. Fortunately, the process of in vitro fertilization and egg donation provides an opportunity for these women to become pregnant and Continue reading

Miscellaneous Facts

Egg Donors for gays are expected to abstain from sexual intercourse while on medications for the egg donation cycle. Egg Donors are extremely fertile while on hormone stimulation medication and run the risk of multiple pregnancy if they do not abstain from sexual intercourse during this time period. Also, sexual intercourse could potentially expose the Egg Donor to sexual transmitted diseases, Continue reading

Egg Donor Selection for Gay Couple

golden-eggWomen are carefully chosen to become an egg donor for gay couple. It is not for everyone who would like to help some people with the help of their eggs. Women should be carefully examined to detect all possible medical problems that can affect future child.

First of all donors undergo general medical screening including physical examination (pelvic exam), blood analysis to check hormone levels, Continue reading

Egg Donor’s BMI

BMIThe required BMI for donors is under 28. Egg donors are required to be of proportionate height and weight, as being overweight may affect egg quality, as well as necessitate higher doses of stimulation drugs to create follicles. More medications lead to additional costs for the intended parent(s).

Patients with a BMI equal to or greater than 30 had significantly decreased odds Continue reading

Donor Egg Risks

All medical procedures can have some risks and bring some complications to the health. It is not obligatory that a person who undergoes it will definitely face with some of them but in any case everybody should be informed. There are several risks and side effects that may be associated with providing donor eggs:

Blood drawing – mild discomfort and some risk of developing a bruise at the needle site. Continue reading