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Cambodia is especially popular with same-sex couples who were shut out of neighboring Thailand. This small, picturesque country not far from Bangkok represents a unique opportunity for gay couples that are willing to travel for their surrogacy procedure. The popularity of surrogacy in Cambodia continues to grow despite sporadic media reports about future legislation in the country. New regulations on gay surrogacy in Cambodia will likely be added eventually, but unlike other previous destinations, Cambodia seems to be taking a proactive and forward-looking approach to making surrogacy safe and legal for both Future Parents and surrogate mothers alike. Traveling to Cambodia is not difficult, but you should plan in advance for details like visas and currency and local customs.

Disclaimer: We aim to provide you with all necessary information on surrogacy in different countries but legislation in each country is not an easy thing and changes rapidly. The information on this page is not obligatory updated according to the latest changes in the legislation. So, please, check the latest updating with our manager.