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Floral 45693 (1)Welcome to GaySurrogacyInfo – a multi-faced platform that was specially created to meet all needs of the same-sex couples on their way to build a full family. It is not an easy task for gay couples when it comes to building a family. Not the whole world is for such unions and we have to fight for the equal rights. We are here to help you win in this difficult and complicated battle!

Each year surrogate motherhood becomes more and more popular among families of all types. It has become the last chance for many people who would like to become parents and make their families full.

Surrogacy procedure is rather complicated and expensive. It requires crucial decision for all people regardless their sexual orientation. Moreover, surrogacy is the only way to have biologically connected child for gay male couples. It is a good option because at least one partner will be biologically connected to the child conceived. The biggest problem in this process is that surrogacy itself is illegal or banned for the same-sex couples in many countries all over the world.

So, the team of GaySurrogacyInfo is here to help you to understand the process of surrogate motherhood for gays step by step, understand the main terms and legal issues you can face with. Also you can find here articles that cover the most frequently asked questions and answers on them. If after reading all the information provided on the site you still have questions, you can fill our contact form. Our team will answer them with great pleasure. Together we will go through this complicated process of gay surrogacy easier.